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App Research Organization

The Happiness Research Organisation (HRO) is an independent research institute based in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is part of the App Research Organization (ARO), one of the leading institutions for research apps. HRO is specialized in employee surveys, customer surveys and citizen surveys. Based on an academic invention in 2012 for measuring subjective well-being with an app, the institute was founded in 2014 and today works with universitites such as the Freie Universität Berlin and Oxford University, public institutions such as the German Institute for Economic Research and the OECD and corporates such as Amazon, Lufthansa and Coca-Cola.

Happiness Monitoring -
Employee surveys

We are your cooperation partner for your employee survey. Apart from traditional methods such as interviews, paper-pencil surveys and online-surveys, we mainly run app-based employee surveys with our "Happiness Monitoring" App. The App allows employees to give anonymous feedback and you as management can send new surveys at any time. By cooperation with us as an external partner there is an anonymous feedback process setting the information basis for making the right corporate decisions. If you are interested in the method feel free to watch this video.

Happiness Check -
Customer surveys

For our customer surveys we also offer app-based solutions apart from traditional methods such as interviews, mystery visits, paper-pencil surveys and online-surveys. By asking a representative group of customers regularly with an app we are able to track changes in customer satisfaction more accurately than with traditional methods. This video gives an example.

Happiness Census -
Citizen surveys

Even for citizen surveys our app-based solutions were used successfully apart from traditional methods such as interviews, workshops, paper-pencil surveys and online-surveys. Surveying a representative group of citizens with an app lets us track changes in citizen satisfaction in more detail. This project video is a good example of this approach.


Dr. Kai Ludwigs

Founder & Director

Dr. Kai Ludwigs is a studied psychologist and economist. He and his team help you to plan your study in detail to ensure high data quality so that you are able to answer your research questions.

Stephan Erdtmann

Co-Founder & Head of IT

Stephan Erdtmann is a studied computer scientist (M.Sc). He and his team are responsible for the technical realization and hosting of your study.